Would you like to test our product?

How to take part?

If you want to be the first to try our unique itch-relief tool, now is your chance. Before we launch we feel it is so important to test our product with the people that really matter, you!

If you have Eczema of any severity, mild and patchy on your wrists or covered head to toe with severe Eczema. Get involved in the Cosi Care revolution. 

So.... what is involved?

1. Register your interest in the trial and answer a short survey. 

2. If you are selected to take part you will be a part of a special group of people to try and test our product!

3. We will send you the gorgeous Cosi Care starfish and you can use for 4 weeks, FOR FREE! 

4. Use it, try it and test it... Love it!

5.Give your feedback on the product, does it work for you? Why does it work? What do you love about it and what would you change? Your feedback will be taken on board and you have officially influenced our next generation of Cosi Care products!

6. After the 4 weeks is over you can either send us back the product, or keep the product at a 50% discount. WIN.WIN. 

We will send you our care package that will include a brand new starfish, an information pack on how to use. A 'top-tip' brochure that will give tips on how best to use your new tool, and how to get the best out of your new itch-relief friend. You will also receive a complimentary bedtime storybook and protective case to keep your new friend safe. 

Terms and Conditions 

A deposit of £100.00 will be requested if selected to take part in the process that is full refundable.

This deposit is fully refunded when the product is returned after the 4 week trial period. 

As a thanks for participating in the trial we will offer a unique 30% discount code for when the product is launched.

This is a user-trial and by choosing to take part you agree to understand that there are elements yet to be refined.


Cosi Care

85 Frampton Street

London, NW8 8NQ