Designed and made by eczema sufferers

Our Story

We are a business dedicated to creating products that aid children suffering with Eczema. The product has been developed over two years and every aspect has been designed and made by Eczema sufferers. Myself and my younger brother have worked hard on creating a tool that really works to kill the itching sensation. I know our parents wish this existed when we were younger!


The product and business has won a number of awards and has been widely recognised in industry. It has been a fantastic year for Cosi Care!
  • Made in Brunel Best Model Award 2018
  • Trend Bible Award 2018
  • Tony Anson Fund Award winner
  • Santander Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year winner 2018
  • Venture Winner 2019
  • Winner of Mayor of London Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 

Meet Rhys!

My younger brother, Rhys, has suffered with severe Eczema since the age of 2. He is now 21 and living with the scars that persistent and aggressive scratching caused. His hands are permanently scarred and he still struggles with scratching. We believe that teaching a child young how to use Cosi, it will allow them to adopt a healthy routine and help them manage their own condition.
We have been working at the Central Research Laboratory for 6 months perfecting our product and getting ready for user-testing and production. 
We have a great connection with the National Eczema Society. We have an exciting article out in the next issue of the Exchange magazine created by the charity. 
We were awarded the title of Entrepreneur of the year by the Mayor of London, 2019. We have are now located at London Bridge at our new office.