Frequently asked questions

When can I buy this product?

Cosi Care is a new business that is currently developing and refining our product. We have created our first batch, but now with such high demand, we are in production. We will notify you through our instagram and website when we have a launch date scheduled. Please keep an eye out for updates. Subscribe to stay in the loop. We can't wait until it's ready!

Where will I be able to buy this product?

We will be selling the product through the website. We are building great relationships with retailers and we hope that it will be stocked in pharmacies and high street retailers very soon.

When will I get information about the clinical trial?

If we met you at the Allergy and Freefrom show 2019 you will be aware of our clinical trial. If you have subscribed through the website and requested to take part in this, your details are saved. We are currently designing the trial and will be in touch when we are able to conduct this.

How does it work?

Cosi Care Instant and Cosi Care Ice are products that work to kill the itch. It combines cold with texture to safely and effectively mimic scratching and offer instant relief. It's perfect to use with moisturiser and always at hand for cooling relief.

Is it only children that can use this product?

Of course not! The fun design is suitable for children. Although we understand that adults suffer too. It is perfectly suitable for adults to use. We are working on a mature version of this product that we hope to launch at a later date. This will be a more subtle and neutral design (just incase a bright blue starfish isn't your style!)

Is it suitable for any other skin complaint?

Yes! Our products are specifically designed to kill itch, regardless of the cause. Eczema, Psoriasis, Ichthyosis, Rosea ,Fungal skin infections, Chickenpox, Hives, Prickly heat and Sunburn. We also understand that pregancy, menopause and hundreds of other things can cause itchiness. Our product works to kill any form of itch.

Can't I just scratch? Why do I need this product?

Scratching is extremely dangerous and damaging to the skin. When we scratch, bacteria penetrates layers of skin and cause infections. When the skin is broken we are at risk of making our skin condition worse and getting trapped in the itch-scratch cycle. This means that the more you scratch the worse the itching sensation will be. We aim to stop this with a non-invasive solution. Our product kills the itch and offers instant relief, so fighting the urge to scratch just became a whole lot easier!

Why do Cosi Care products get cold?

Cold is scientifically proven to kill itch. Cold and itch travel along the same nerve fibres. So when you apply cold to the skin, it "jams the circuits" and deadens the itch sensation.