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1 in 5 children are currently suffering with Eczema in the UK. We understand how this can effect sleep, school and daily routine. Scratching is an extremely damaging action that can cause permanent scarring and repeat infections. Cosi Care is a business that creates tools to mimic scratching and soothe itching. Patented technology offers a unique combination of cold and texture to soothe the skin safely and effectively. 

What we do?

We create tools that help you and your child manage Eczema. Trying to get your child to stop scratching can be a huge challenge and cause a lot of friction and stress. Our tool is the perfect solution to instant relief.  We believe that alongside a healthy moisturising routine and healthy diet, stopping dangerous scratching will have a massively positive impact on your child skin health and well-being. 

Who are we? 

We are a family business inspired by our own battle and struggle with Eczema. Three generations of severe Eczema sufferers that understand how the persistent itching sensation can effect simple daily tasks. "Stop scratching" was a well-used phrase in our house and we thought it was time for a change. The first hand-held product that cools and soothes itching in seconds, keeps bacteria filled nails from damaging the skin and finally a form of instant effective relief. 


Watch us bring Cosi Care to City Hall, London!